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ICT competence as a prerequisite for rational use of energy – transfer and adaptation of work tools and work methods (EU-OPTIMUS) is a two year project part financed by Leonardo da Vinci. It is a transfer from the OPTIMUS which was carried out 2002-2005 by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt in Osnabrück (www.optimus-online.de). The innovative part of the OPTIMUS project will be transferred to a European context by EU-OPTIMUS consortium coordinated by IUC. Transfer includes:

  • Work methods
  • Work tools

EU-OPTIMUS training package contains:

  • A checklist for heating systems
  • Different kinds of suggestions on their optimisation
  • Secondly there are the basic data for calculation and use, which are necessary when proposals of optimisation are being prepared.

OPTIMUS has demonstrated that you can save between 10-20 % by optimisation of the heating system in buildings. OPTIMUS has also shown that by correct installation further 20% can be saved. If investments are added the saving can be increased further by:


  • Changing of the circulation pumps
  • Correct choice of heating source
  • By similar dimension of the radiators

Savings of this kind are prioritised by European Union. EUs objectives are to decrease the greenhouse gases with 20 % until 2020 and if possible with up to 30% (if USA, Kina and India make similar commitments).


Partners in EU-OPTIMUS are:

1.Installatörernas Utbildningscentrum (IUC) “Applicant organisation” IUC are coordinating work with developing OPTIMUS to EU-OPTIMUS.


2. Innung (DE) Will transfer the German OPTIMUS to the consortium


3. Modern Learning (DE) Will be responsible for developing a on-line eLearning portal




5. DIT (IE)




(4-6) will be responsible for transfer of EU-OPTIMUS to their respective countries.


Power Lake AB is subcontracted to work with evaluation and tests in EU-OPTIMUS.